Chief Financial Officer Careen Mancuso

Careen Mancuso Chief Operations Officer

For the past 7 years Careen has been Bell Gate Farm’s Chief Operations Officer and has worked tirelessly to ensure perfection at each event she produced. Before her time at Bell Gate, Careen has worked in the retail banking industry while putting herself through college and graduate school. She has held positions at Citizens bank, Belmont Savings Bank and Wells Fargo. Careen has recently moved back to Boston, MA after 7 years in the Lehigh Valley and has transitioned to a remote financial role for Bell Gate Farm.

As a graduate from Boston College Careen was able to start her own theater company at the age of 20 and succeeded in making her dreams a reality until 2015 when she had the opportunity to move. Careen’s talent for theater and production will shine at your event through the staff she has helped train and she looks forward to helping you achieve your dreams!